Environmentally Friendly

Featuring a unique British design, the U-Scoot meets the requirements of today’s modern world while helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

High Level of Engineering

Made to a very high level of engineering standards using the latest high quality components, it has been developed to make the U-scoot a great way to travel.

Freedom to Explore

The U-Scoot is the new mode of transport that you will never stop enjoying, giving you the freedom to go and explore.

uScoot, Your Way.

Precision handling

Carbon Fibre* handlebar and front fork gives U-Scoot a super light-weight feel. Detachable handlebar allows for convenient storage and portability. Carbon fibre is a high quality material– it’s one of the strongest and most lightweight materials available on the market today. Twice as strong as steel and half the weight of aluminum.

*only on carbon fibre models


U-Scoot’s 16-inch wheels and extended wheel base make the ride smooth, stable and effortless. A perfect mode of transportation to school, work, or just having fun.

High Strength design

Precise machining combined with aviation grade aluminium is used to construct the main frame, creating a body with extraordinary strength that is built to last.